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China power battery accounts for 70% of the world battery industry
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China power battery accounts for 70% of the world battery industry

On Aug. 7, according to Forbes news network reported that by 2020 China's market share in the global batteries is more than 70%. That is to say, China or will dominate the global battery industry.

In 2016, according to China's new energy car sales reached 517000 cars and keep the world's first two years in a row. By 2020, sales will reach 1.5 million units. PangDaXin energy base of auto sales lead to the development of battery industry. At present Chinese battery maker nearly 150 large and small. Moreover, China's domestic usage of lithium ion battery brand electric vehicles in China has more than 90%.

In this case, China's domestic battery industry are also moving together development, more and more small battery enterprises gradually decline in sales of even face the risk of closing. At the same time, the battery is with byd, ningde hin high-tech era, countries such as represented by the battery giant LongDuanShi development.

In 2020 China's power battery industry accounts for 70% than the global battery industry

Electric cars, global sales of not only the first in our country, and the largest power battery enterprise sales. According to statistics, in 2016 the global power battery enterprise sales rankings, ranked in the top ten seven companies from China, in order for byd, ningde hin high-tech era, walter, countries, lishen, bick and catic lithium electricity. In addition, the universal A123 and optical also row in 11 and 12.

Data show that in 2016, the year total sales of 517000 cars in new energy, new energy car sales growth, lithium-ion battery production in China soared to 7.8 billion, rose as high as 40%. Prediction power lithium battery in the world than in China also rose from 34% in 2015 to 70% in 2020.

Lithium ion the size of the market in recent years, the world's steady rise, on a global scale up to 215.8 billion yuan in 2016, to 2020 global lithium ion battery the size of the market is expected to reach 450 billion yuan, among them the lithium ion battery the size of the market is expected to reach 300 billion yuan. Nearly 70% 66.6%.

But industry insiders predict that if the domestic power battery capacity to be released in full, the capacity will reach 170 GWH/year. 170 GWH/year is what kind of concept, 170 GWH about can meet the annual production of 500000 electric buses and 5 million electric passenger cars of aggregate demand. State 863 electric cars said zi-dong wang, director of the major projects power battery testing center, the capacity is the demand for more than 7 times. According to the new energy planning forecast that by 2020 China's demand for power battery is 71.7 GWh.

A stronger Chinese battery industry in the road

From the above data, on the amount of Chinese battery industry is undoubtedly the world's most "big". But to speak of the "strong", perhaps some people questioned. Because, for the moment, the familiar battery manufacturers for Japan panasonic, South Korea's samsung and LG chemical, tesla's factory, China's byd, and so on.

Battery technology in Japan, and then get further development in South Korea, now there is in the Chinese market to grow. But in battery technology, battery capacity on China really exists a certain gap compared with abroad. For example, at present our country in terms of energy density of lithium iron phosphate is 120 to 140 watts per kilogram, three yuan material battery energy density up to 180 watts per kilogram. Japan and South Korea, by contrast, the ternary material battery can reach 300 mw in 2015 per kilogram. Already presold tesla Model3 use 18650 batteries, panasonic energy density reached 333 watts per kilogram.

In addition, the state ministry of science and high technology development center, deputy director of the shu-guang bian said, compared with abroad, the United States have strong ability of research and development design, the Japanese production specification more strictly, and overtake Japan in market share in China, the world first. The gap between our country and abroad are mainly single cells, but in terms of material, even in some basic power supply basic research aspects, including the consistency, the safety of the battery, the core technology, there are still a large distance. Look from these aspects, the battery industry in China is "not strong".

Aiming at the status quo, on July 4, vice premier of the state council held ma kai about new energy automobile application symposium. At the meeting made clear that by 2020 the battery monomer, 350, 260 watts per kilogram of target system. This rate, battery capacity is less than two and a half years China will be two times than now.

According to the "made in China 2025" planning, battery reaches 350 watts in 2020 kg each, from 2025 to 400 watts per kilogram, 2030 to 500 watts per kilogram. In the planning of the power battery research and development, in 2020 to reach 300 watt-hours per kilogram, the cost has dropped below $0.8 per watt. The latest plan requires energy density/kg to 500 watts. From the point of view of development goals, is to catch up with the battery industry abroad. In 2020 China's battery industry "big but not strong" has become a thing of the past.

About China's domestic battery industry is "big but not strong" phenomenon, in the industry of automobile seers said, can't use "big but not strong" generalized Chinese battery industry. At present, China's battery capacity density, including battery pack do not as good as foreign. But, compared with foreign market application environment is superior to the foreign Chinese battery industry. According to Roland berger in the second quarter of 2017 electron mobility index (RolandBerger 'sE - mobilityIndexQ22017), according to China's domestic usage of lithium ion battery brand electric vehicles in China has more than 90%. Different ideas of Chinese and foreign development of battery industry, China's battery industry continuously explore advances in practice. In 2013 kilowatt-hour packaged into the battery pack cost is 2500 yuan to 3000 yuan. And the current market price is 1500 yuan, costs fell by almost half, and with eight years or 300000 kilometers of the warranty policy for commitment. From this perspective, the Chinese battery industry is strong.

Chinese battery share from group to one of the few automakers to master hand

At present, whether it's on the global scale of China's battery industry, or from the point of view of development momentum, China battery "big but not strong" word has become a thing of the past. And from the perspective of a domestic product battery enterprise development scale, the local government has in the past small businesses to develop large-scale centralized step by step.
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